My Tribute to Alex Harvey, from 'Briarwood Sessions'



He bought him some records.
The only fashioned vinyl kind.
He took him home quite an armload
For only five ninety-nine.
If you’re like me then you know
Sometimes a record can change your life.
It made him pack up and go.
He quit his job and left his wife
To go looking for Alex Harvey
Looking for Alex Harvey
To be a roadie and drive the van
For Alex Harvey’s Sensational Band.
He got to find him and shake him hand.
Find Alex Harvey…

He got into London.
When to the Vambo Lounge.
The barkeep said “I don’t know Harley.
But take a good look around.”
He thanked the bartender
And bought a pint of beer.
The beer was good but completely warm.
He heard a voice say “That’s the way we drink it here.”

He turned around and fell in love.
Jungle Jenny was her name.
She said, “I heard you ask for Alex.”
He said, “Alexander’s why I came.”

“I came Looking for Alex Harvey.
Looking for Alex Harvey.
I have traveled to this foreign land
To find Alex Harvey’s Sensational Band.
I’ve got a box of old records
I carry close to me.
Through the years I’ve heard all kinds of music
But only Alex Harvey speaks to me.”

They had a long conversation
In Jenny’s jungle bed.
He asked if she would share his journey
And go wherever Alex led.
She said, “I’d hoped not to tell you.
I hate to let you down.
It’s been a decade since we lost our Alex.
Ten years that he’s been underground.”

He only smiled as if he didn’t understand her,
And said, “Elvis may be dead, but not so Alexander.”

“I had a dream.
It may have been a vision.
All though the world
Folks loved Alexander Harvey’s Band.
It seems overnight
Folks had learned how to listen.
And in this dream
I shook Alexander Harvey’s hand.”

He said, “I ought to have felt it.
I really should have known.
If Alex Harvey still walked this planet
I’d have been his roadie long ago.”

He smiled at Jungle Jenny.
“Things aren’t as bad as they seem.
I’ve got the two things I really needed:
A jungle girl and an impossible dream.

“And I must add with my customary candor
That Elvis may be dead, but not so Alexander.

“I’m looking for Alex Harvey.
Looking for Alex Harvey.
I’ll keep on searching to the planet’s end
And when I’ve reached it I’ll start over again.”

Looking for Alex Harvey
Looking for Alex Harvey…