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  1. 10 Zombie Front
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10 Zombie Front

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Musical based on the film 'Night of the Living Dead'



Well we’re heading out, we’re gonna make us some noise.
We got the guns and dogs and all the good old boys.
I hear the food and shells, and even the beer is free.
It’s a government-authorized shooting spree.
Well come on son. Well come on.
It’s time you learned the thrill of the hunt.
Duty calls son. Duty calls.
Tell your mama we’re going to the zombie front.

Grab a beer for me, son, and a beer for you.
Take a box of shells and have a hunk of chew.
I know your mama said that you’re not allowed
But tonight you’re gonna make your old man proud.

So come on son. Well come on…

I look around; I don’t see any rich men’s sons.
Ain’t it funny that they’re never around.
Can’t be found for love or money when the zombies come.

Well we may be rougher than a month-old cob.
But we’re the men you want to do a dirty job.
We may be plain as dirt. We may be trailer trash.
But we come here to kick a little zombie ass.

So come on son. Well come on…