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06 Battle Of The Zombie Line

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Musical based on the film 'Night of the Living Dead'



This is my time.
Finally my turn to shine.
Just the kind of thing that I was born for.
Take up my gun
And do what’s gotta be done.
Gonna meet the other fellows at the feed store.

I hear before the games begin the sheriff’s gonna swear us in.
We’ll be agents of the law, duly deputized.
And I do no mind telling you it something like a dream come true
To be licensed to kill anything that ain’t alive.

Well fuck me, if frog fur isn’t half so fine
As the hone to preserve mankind
At the battle of the zombie line.

You’ll be okay
Even though I’m far away.
Just don’t come out until they sound the all clear.
If one gets through
Or maybe even too
Baby you be brave, because these things can smell fear.

The dead folks they move awfully slow. There’s none of them too fresh, you know.
I’m gonna take ‘em down. Gonna make the bastards run.
I’m finally gonna make some use of all these years of gun club dues.
Girl don’t expect me home ‘til the war is won.

Well fuck me…

A zombie cannot be your friend.
He wants your wife and kid.
He’ll eat your momma and your grandma too
And be laughing as he did.
These days your best friend is your gun
So keep your rifle clean.
The only good zombie is a dead one.
Well you know what I mean.

This is my home.
Better leave it alone.
Else I can’t take the blame for what I might do.
You may be dead
But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
You’re gonna wish you’d never died before I get through.

Well fuck me…