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05 We Are The Living Dead

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Musical based on the film 'Night of the Living Dead'



Why are you trying to survive?
Why are you wasting our time?
No fucking way you can win.
Why don’t you just give in.
Just like your good book says,
Come be our daily bread
We are the living dead.

You plan on staying alive
Until some help can arrive.
Well let me tell you somethin’.
There ain’t no cavalry comin’.
Just more of us instead.
More hungry mouths to be fed.
We are the living dead.

Rise up my brothers and my sisters too.
I am filled with pride to walk beside whatever’s left of you.
We’ll hut the living wherever they may run
And sure as God is on our side, we shall overcome.
I’ve heard it said God is dead.
So we shall surely overcome.

Girl you better believe
It hurts to hear you breath.
Blood running in your veins
Shoots arrows through my brain.
To stop my aching head
I simply must be fed.
‘Cause I’m the living dead.

Rise up my brothers…