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04 Hole In The Ground

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Musical based on the film 'Night of the Living Dead'



There’s a hole in the ground.
The perfect place to hide.
There’s a basement in this house.
A fucking paradise.

I’ll barricade the door
To save my little girl
You can go straight to hell
With the rest of the goddam world.

You can follow me down.
Or you can stay here to die.
You better choose right now.
Man, you better decide.

I will not join you in your death trap.
I won’t sign up for your dirt nap.
And I will have the last laugh.
Seems clear to me
This is the only place to be.

You won’t get me down there
Where there’s no place to run.
You’ll have your back to the wall
When the zombies finally come.

You should stick with me
Or you’ll wish that you did.
Not that I give a damn
But it’s too bad ‘bout your wife and kid.

You can follow me down…