It is alive

Well, my Night of the Living Dead the Musical website is up, warts and all.  Still plenty of warts yet to be added, to be sure.  They will come.

An odd thing happened last night.  It was Halloween on a Saturday night, and that Saturday night happened to be the night of the time change.  Spring forward, Fall back.  

I took advantage of that extra hour - the hour between 1 and 2 am when the clock magically resets to 1am like the last 60 minutes didn't happen.  Except they did happen, because that's when this site went live.  

OK, it's not exactly a confluence of the galaxies, but I'm working with what I got.

I see now that there are other Night of the Living Dead musical projects going on all over the 'net.  I'll check them out and report back in this forum.  

We are blessed to live in interesting times.


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